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ACTUAL EXCHANGE RATE CMKB: 12.5.2021 PHM MON D CZ 2021 13.42 CZK/litr >       23.4.2021 EE VN 1R SSD CZ 2022 1.668 CZK/MWh >       23.4.2021 ZP VO 1R SSD CZ 2022 540 CZK/MWh >       1.4.2021 ZP MO 1R SSD CZ 2022 530 CZK/MWh >       19.3.2021 EE NN 1R SSD CZ 2022 1.590 CZK/MWh >        ACTUAL EXCHANGE RATE ČNB: 15.5.2021     USD 21,024     EUR 25,490     

Exchange market News: 6th week 2021

Kladno 12.2.2021

At the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange Kladno (CMKB) 183 contracts for the supply of 757.6 thousand MWh of electricity and natural gas for final customers worth 658.9 million crowns were concluded in the 6th week.
The prices of electricity and gas supply at CMKB reflected developments in wholesale markets, where prices increased by 10 to 15 percent at the end of the year, and are still at this level. Two-year low-voltage electricity contracts traded at CZK 1490/MWh in week 6. Annual electricity contracts in low-voltage closed at CZK 1567/MWh, in high-voltage at CZK 1514/MWh.
Two-year natural gas contracts in small off-take closed at 477 CZK/MWh. Annual gas contracts in small off-také were traded at CZK 483/MWh, in large off-také at CZK 486/MWh.


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