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ACTUAL EXCHANGE RATE CMKB: 6.12.2023 ZP MO 1R SSD CZ 2024 1.290 CZK/MWh <       6.12.2023 PHM MON D CZ 2023 18.91 CZK/litr <        ACTUAL EXCHANGE RATE ČNB: 11.12.2023     USD 22,601     EUR 24,355     


The Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange Kladno Statute

In 35 articles, the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange Kladno Statute (CMKB), defines, among others, the subject of business of the exchange, what the subject of exchange trades is, furthermore membership, its inception and termination, categories of exchange members including rights and obligations, it defines persons authorised to exchange trades, the guarantee system of the exchange, the position of brokers and private brokers, their activities, remuneration and supervision over them, it establishes the exchange bodies (General Assemblies, the Exchange Chamber, Exchange Committees, the Secretary General of the Exchange). It also contains provisions on exchange meetings, exchange trading and regulations, record of prices and exchange quotation, and on the International Arbitration Court of the Czech Commodity Exchange.

The CMKB Statute was approved of by the constituent General Assembly of the exchange of 16. 5. 1995 with amendments and supplements approved of by the extraordinary general meetings of 18 October 1995, 30 October 1996, 26 June 2000, 14 October 2002, 23 October 2002, 17 December 2003, regular general meetings of 17 June 2004, 27 April 2006 and 27 April 2011, extraordinary general meetings of 31 October 2011 and 2 July 2012, regular general meeting of 27 March 2013 and extraordinary general meetings of 14 October 2014 and 19 October 2017.

The CMKB Statute is available in czech version.


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