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ACTUAL EXCHANGE RATE CMKB: 6.6.2023 EE NN 1R SSD CZ 2024 3.320 CZK/MWh >       6.6.2023 EE VN 1R SSD CZ 2024 3.296 CZK/MWh >       6.6.2023 ZP MO 1R SSD CZ 2024 1.282 CZK/MWh >       6.6.2023 ZP VO 1R SSD CZ 2024 1.278 CZK/MWh >       6.6.2023 PHM MON D CZ 2023 16.14 CZK/litr >        ACTUAL EXCHANGE RATE ČNB: 7.6.2023     USD 22,027     EUR 23,520     

Energy Exchange

Energy Exchange is the term used for the exchange market with energy products organized by the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange Kladno (CMKB). It was launched on 11 November 2002 on the basis of the authorization granted to the commodity exchange by Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. In 2009 this specialised market started to profile electricity and natural gas for end customers, i.e. actual supplies of electricity and natural gas directly to the supply points of customers from the corporate sector and also from amongst the public contracting authorities. Currently, it represents the central market place for trading in electricity or gas in the Czech Republic.


Exchange market News: 37th week 2021

Kladno 17.9.2021

At the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange Kladno 63 contracts for the supply of 26 thousand MWh of electricity and natural gas for final customers worth 52.5 million crowns were concluded in the 37th week.
Two-year electricity contracts closed at 2650 CZK/MWh. Two-year natural gas contracts ended at 900 CZK/MWh.

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