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ACTUAL EXCHANGE RATE CMKB: 14.4.2021 PHM MON D CZ 2021 12.38 CZK/litr <       13.4.2021 EE VN 1R SSD CZ 2022 1.658 CZK/MWh >       13.4.2021 ZP VO 1R SSD CZ 2022 529 CZK/MWh >       1.4.2021 ZP MO 1R SSD CZ 2022 530 CZK/MWh >       19.3.2021 EE NN 1R SSD CZ 2022 1.590 CZK/MWh >        ACTUAL EXCHANGE RATE ČNB: 17.4.2021     USD 21,633     EUR 25,925     

Industrial Commodities Section

The Industrial Commodities section is intended for trading with a number of commodities permitted for trading in the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange in Kladno Statute. In this section is actively supported Fuel market (trading with diesel fuel and automotive petrol) and unexpended chemicals trading on the market NECHELA.


Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange Kladno opened the electronic market for fuel trading in 4th April 2018. In this market is currently trading with diesel fuel and automotive petrol.


Czech moravian commodity exchange Kladno
nám. Sítná 3127, 272 01 Kladno
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 312 818 040
e-mail: info@cmkbk.cz