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Timber Exchange

The Timber Exchange is a designation for the timber exchange market organized by the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange Kladno. The market was opened in August 2005, in 2020 the exchange significantly innovated it, simplified it and expanded its capacity by switching trading to an electronic auction system.

Softwood timber and hardwood timber of the Quality Class I to VI is traded on the Timber Exchange in accordance with the Recommended Conditions for the Measurement and Classification of Timber in the Czech Republic.


CMKB opened the electronic wood market

Kladno 2.7.2020

On 1st July, the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange Kladno opened an electronic market for timber trading. Trading takes place in the Timber Exchange section in the form of bid auctions.
The market allows you to trade every working day, the offer includes selected assortments of softwood and hardwood I. to VI. quality class, the minimum traded quantity of timber in the auction is 30 m3. The buyer is not burdened with any exchange fees, trading is free for him.

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