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Timber Exchange

Trading in the timber commodity is implemented at full-floor of the secondary market, utilising the auction mode. It is governed by the Rules of auctions of the secondary market in industrial commodities. Trading in the timber commodity began in August 2005.
The subject of trade is a number of products, amongst which the most significant are softwood and hardwood logs for sawmill processing (in various grades of quality, degrees of thickness and length) and softwood and hardwood lumber for producing fibres and pulp.
A weekly trading cycle is implemented; a listing is published on Tuesdays and the trading day is Thursday.


Exchange market News: 10th week 2017

Kladno 10.3.2017

On the Timber Exchange in 10th week were traded 3000 m3 of timber for 3.7 million crowns.

Spruce groundwood pulp, EXW reached CZK 1220/m3.

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