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Timber Exchange

The Timber Exchange is a designation for the timber exchange market organized by the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange Kladno. The market was opened in August 2005, in 2020 the exchange significantly innovated it and expanded its capacity by switching trading to an electronic auction system.

At the Timber Exchange is traded softwood timber and hardwood timber of the quality class I to VI, timber on a stump and biomass in the form of logging residues.


The CMKB opened a market for timber on a stump

Kladno 12.4.2021

Since April, the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange Kladno (CMKB) has expanded its timber market to include timber on a stump. The offer so far consists of timber from a member of the Exchange – the state enterprise Lesy ČR, which also transferred the sale of finished assortments to the Timber Exchange last year. Timber on a stump represents unharvested timber at the time of contracting, including the right to harvest it. Trading in it takes place in the Timber Exchange section in the form of bid auctions.
“For customers who have been registered in this market since March, the entire purchase process will be faster and more efficient. We have significantly reduced their administrative burden – trading takes place electronically via remote access and contracts from closed trades are generated by the Exchange immediately after the end of the auction. Trading on the CMCB also increases the certainty of compliance with the contract, the concluded trade is a valid meeting of supply and demand and is binding for both parties,” said the director of the CMCB exchange trading department, Tomáš Vlček.

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